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South Africa customer ordered 3 sets of sleeve labeling machine

This customer is an agent specializing in packaging machinery in South Africa. In 2018, he purchased two sets of sleeve labeling machines and a set of rotary hot melt adhesive labeling machine from our company, and it has been running well so far. Last month, we received a notice from a customer that this customer still needs to buy 8 sets of the same sleeve labeling machine. All electrical appliances require Delta. We are very happy to receive this news, but in the end the agent and the customer decided to buy in batches. Purchase 3 sets of labeling machines for the first batch, and 5 sets of labeling machines for the second batch. Now 3 sets of labeling machines are almost ready. We are very grateful for the trust of customers, and we will continue to do a good job of the sleeve labeling machine

Follow is customer request

Two of the machines need to be configured with a left to right direction and one machine to be configured with a right to left configuration.

We have a wide range of bottle and cap configurations that will be packed on the lines. The sleever supplied previously meets the requirements of this range, so the same machine configuration must be supplied (plus the additional modifications specified). The mandrels to be supplied are as follows:

Machine 1 Mandrel Diameter 54.8mm Sleeve Cut length 146 mm

Machine 2 Mandrel Diameter 54.8mm  Sleeve Cut length 146 mm

Machine 3 Mandrel Diameter 49mm     Sleeve Cut length 125 mm

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