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Our customer is from Vietnam, he want automatic box packing and sealing machine, their company has a same packing concept with that machine, but they want to use the hot melt glue to seal the top and bottom of the box. Anyway, they are speeding up secondary packaging automation.
1.Required speed: ~35 boxes/min
2.Product and box size: Actually, they are developing new product which has different sizes. So please propose me an adjustable machine one.
3.Currently, our box's dimension is LxWxH = 165 x 45 x 110 mm
4.For product: Length ~ 150mm, Width ~ 33mm (you can refer attached photos)
5.Sealing way:Top and bottom by hot met glue

6.After sealing completed box, this box will come to a printer

We recommend our 120B model which is more suitable to customer requirement.

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