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Australia customer ordered desktop pouch and bag labeling machine

Our Australia Melbourne customer send us inquiry which said that We are a food packaging company based in Melbourne, Australia. We’re looking for packing machine which has labelling machine with that as well.

I found your website online your products was looking good for us, I found the plastic bag labelling machine very useful to us.

Also, do you have any labelling machine which feeding by plastic roll and put labels and send it to another packaging machine. I’ve attached some of our products below.

customer bag size as following

280 mm*180mm

255 mm*155mm

235 mm*135mm

190 mm*130mm

315 mm*230mm

350 mm*250mm

Customer label sizes as following



We checked all details, we recommend normal BGF-300 bag labeling machine, but it exceed customer cost, so we recommend desktop bag labeling machine which has same function as normal BGF-300 bag labeling machine. Though one month communication, our customer Negar confirm order and arranged deposit.

thanks for your believe, once machine finished, we will bag labeling machine testing.

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