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Australia customer order vacuum bags Labelling machine

Our Australia customer are looking for a labeling machine to label empty vacuum bags,Size up to 300 x 350 / 70 um, As well as stand up bags 150 x 240 to 195 x 270 / 150 um, and Label size is 100 x 150 mm. After tested with customer samples, customer is happy and replied:Sorry for not answering,But a had to have a procedure in Hospital over Christmas,And all other people did not know what to do with this,So our client wants to go ahead with this machine as per last quote you have presented. So please send me an invoice so we can pay deposit and what will be the production time for this. Please let me know so we can fit it into a container  leaving from Shanghai  twice per month. We finished labeler machine within one week and delivery machine to customer before new year holiday.

Following is bags labeling machine testing video with customer sample

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