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Vietnam customer order horizontal labeling machine

Our Vietnamese customer is in the food industry. The horizontal labeling machine he bought this time is suitable for sausage labeling. The customer has three specifications in total. first one, sausage diameter 62mm, length 180mm, label width 80mm, length 226mm. second one, sausage diameter 62mm, length 180mm, label width 120mm, length 226mm. third one, sausage diameter 47mm, length 135mm, label width 65mm, label length 163mm.  and he required all electric configuration are Siemens. we confirm no problem. around one week, customer send purchase order and bank slip for our production.

Normally our horizontal labeling machine can work for ampule, vial, tube, lip, battery, crayons, etc. if you have same requirements, pls send your product and label picture for our confirmation.

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