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Automatic Packing Line from Russia Customer

Our customer is one agent in Russia, they would like to automatize the packaging process, that is stacking bags on pallets. The product to be packed is a bag (580*490*110 mm H) containing building mix. Weight of the bag is 50 kg. There must be 30 bags per pallet. The pallet dimensions are 1200 * 800 mm. Height of a loaded pallet is 1000 mm/ Weight of the loaded pallet is 1700 kg.

The working room is dust laden, the operators work in masks.
The line should include (but not limited to) the following devices:
1. an accumulating device for accumulating bags delivered on a conveyor (owned by the customer).
2. an automatic pallet dispenser
3. a robotic palletizer (arm type)
4. an applicator of a sheet of PE film (onto the top of the loaded pallet)
5. an automatic stretch wrapper
6. conveyors for connecting all the devices in the line.
The finished product will be taken off the conveyors by means of a fork lift.
The required capacity is 24 pallets/h.

Its no problem for us, we can customize different kinds of packing production line for customer,  robot palletizer and pallet stretch wrapper machine, accumulating conveyor, pallet dispenser are our standard.

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