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Glass Bottle Depalletizer for Zambia Customer

Our Zambia customer are looking to purchase the following machine in the next 20 days for our glass plant as following  :
2 units, Feed table complete with palletizing ( grab bottle pallet ) with longitudinal enlacing machine ( length X widith X hight , 1200X1000X2400)
2 units, wrapping machines
1 shuttle tram connecting two lines collecting pallet to storage
• top pressure shuttle cars  running speed - 15m/min
• pressure disk running speed – 26m/min
• raceway running speed – 9.6m/min
1 unite, depalletizing machine

our customer let us quote three palletizers and one depalletizer, they have not finalised the position of the decorating machines, they are planning to put the decorating machine by itself for now ,, what will determine that is the cost of these machines find layout from your designers, they are building a composite plant and the technology has to work with each other. those items are details and will have to be work out in the end after the quote and orders

According to customer requirements, we quote our automatic glass bottle depalletizer and low level palletizer system for customer.

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