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Plastic Cup Shrink Sleeve Labeling Applicator for Sri Lanka

Our Sri Lanka customer is looking for automatic cup sleeve labeling machine, total shrink sleeve labeling system should be fully automatic and drying should be electrical. It should include,
01.  Cup loader
02.  shrink Labeler
03.  Cup setting device
04.  Label pressing device
05.  Pre-shrink unit
06.  Shrink tunnel
07. Cup stacking
As they are going to order it immediately and let us give the details ASAP. Also they want to import shrink label 250,000 NOS on each cup 6 color print. the speed  is 100 to 150 cup per minute. The cup setting is to position the cup, and they dont know machine sleeve size since this is going to  be  the first machine in our video the sleeve being put into the cup is not very  clear.

According to customer above requirements, we quote whole cup labeling machine from cup falling device, sleeve labeling machine, 7meter conveyor, cup position device, label pressing device, Swiss heat gun pre-shrink system. electric heat shrink tunnel and some changeover include cutter head one piece, bottle divider two piece, center pillar two piece.

And meanwhile, we recommend our BGJ-F300 plastic bag labeling machine for customer

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