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NEW ZEALAND customer confirmed order for automatic labeling machine for bag and box

Our customer is manufacturer and wholesale quality frappé, smoothie and hot beverage blends. they inquiry about our bag labeling machine, their requirements: sliver with zip bag width 200mm length 300mm, white bag size width 250mm length 400mm and box size width 440mm length 640mm. also require to print date and batch number, currently they put date and batch no back side of bag, they will have empty space on new labels for batch and date. we recommend inkjet printer and ribbon printer to customer.

following is two printer difference:
1. Difference in price: Code ribbon printer is cheaper, an Inkjet printer is expensive
2. China Inkjet printer can printer 4 lines, but code ribbon printer max 3 lines
3. Inkjet printer change content is easier.
4. Ribbon printers only print easy content like date, batch no(all is fixed), cant make every product different.
Inkjet printer is more flexible but the price is higher.

According to our recommendation, customer have some worries as following and we reply accordingly:

Is the bag dispenser reliable? Yes, before producing the machine, u need to send us  bag sample and label sample, once the machine is finished, we need to test your bags in our labeling machine and show you, if you say ok, we can deliver the machine
Does it dispense the bags straight on the conveyor? Yes, the first conveyor is a vacuum conveyor, it will suck the bag, so the bag cant move, and second, we will install two guides on two sides.
Is this the best price you can do for us? It is our first cooperation, this is our best price for labeling machine for bag and cardboard box.

Finally customer said we will not worry about printer and get a inkjet locally here.We are keen to proceed with the machine. Please send through invoice to start machine.
Today we have got bank slip from customer. thanks for your choose us!

Following is customer product samples for your reference.

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