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The food and beverage industry is ideal for the adoption of industrial robots

The industrial robot market is growing rapidly with the development of robot applications and uses like robot case packer, robot palletizer. While most industrial robot deployments have been using articulated robots in the automotive industry, usage continues to grow. According to the PMMI report of the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association, as the cost has decreased, the use of robots has accelerated, and the performance and flexibility of the robots have also increased. In the food and beverage industry, robots were previously limited to tertiary and some secondary packaging tasks, such as palletizing, because some robots did not meet the standards for direct food contact. However, suppliers are increasingly developing robots suitable for handling unpackaged goods

Articulated robots still make up the majority of industrial robots used in the food and beverage industry. However, the report says there has been a growing focus over the past decade on opportunities to use robots in primary packaging and food processing applications.

The labor-intensive nature of the food and beverage industry creates ideal opportunities for the adoption of industrial robots, especially as robots are increasingly designed to meet stringent health and safety requirements.

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