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USA customer confirm order poly bag labeler machine

Our USA customer send us inquiry which said we are interested in some information on your BGJ-F300, we are a manufacturing plant and currently hand label our poly bag, would like to have a more speedy process.  can you give me a quote and the what this machine is capable of doing. and our bag size is from 55mm wide to 100mm wide. We checked bag with label picture and confirmed our BGJ-F300 is suitable for customer product. through one week communication, customer said we are agreed that the machine you offer us is the one we need. Before the purchasing we need your advise in the next points: 1. whats voltage for the machine 2.  A quote of the basic spare parts that are need it 3. how to make support.  we replied customer question and send invoice for payment. now bag labeler machine is in production. For this model bag labeler machine, every year, our factory sell at least 50sets to all over the world. its most popular model in our factory.

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