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USA customer ordered ziplock style 3x 5 inch bag labeling machine

Our USA customer is looking at the BGJ-F300 ziplock bag labeling machine. and let us also provide a quote for the machine that would be best suited for this application. Most of their pouches are ziplock style around 3" x 5". and they want labeling machine consistently apply roll stock labels to these type of pouches consistently.

and they can have a range of bags and labels from 2”x4”, 3”x5”, 4”x6”, and 4”x8” and see picture example of the bags and label.  This is a very typical configuration.  Most of the bags are between 4mil and 6mil thick material.  they currently have a label applier that doesn’t work well at all and now they are manually applying labels which isn’t very efficient.

We recommend our standard model BGJ-F300 bag labeler machine to Mr Jay, and he said thank you very much for the responses.  Would you be able to run some samples, if we provided the materials and labels, and take a video of it operating?  We currently have a system that doesn’t work well and my boss is a little shy of buying another one without seeing it operate correctly.  If we can get that video I can get a PO to you that same day.

Then customer send us sample, we tested customer bag in our automatic labeling machine, customer said The start of the video worked great, however it died in the middle then came back at the end.  A couple questions since it looks like it works with our product pretty well.

Could you please get me an updated quote with that roller added if it is something different than was already sent over.  We are going to go ahead and move forward with your assurance that the system will work.  We will also likely just do a WeChat when the machine arrives so we can understand how to use the system.  If you have a manual that we could get ahead of time that is English that would be a great start.  We have to do some qualifications on our side so getting that manual ahead of time would be a huge help.  Once we get that updated quote I will get you a PO so we can get this purchase moving forward.

Finally customer choose us and made payment by credit card.

Following is customer bag samples for your reference

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