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Wrap Around Case Packer for Indonesia Customer

Our customer is Plan Manager of Indonesia company. he is looking for a pouch labeling machine and case packing machine to pack wrapped pharmaceutical bottles into corrugated carton. The bottle is 150-ml glass bottle, wrapped in 2X5 and 2x3 configuration, 5 wrap per carton. and carton size is 55 x 27.5 x 16 cm.The required speed is about 4 - 7 carton per minute.If you have a suitable machine, please send us the brochure as well as quotation. Do you have agent in Indonesia? we checked all requirements with engineer. customer size already exceed our standard machine range, our max length is 450mm, but customer size is 550mm. machine need to be totally customized, and its better to pack 3-4 packs into carton.

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