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High Speed Empty Bottle Air Conveyor System

Category: Conveying System
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Adjustable rails to guide the bottle
Low noisy motors
handling of empty plastic bottles
Simple maintenance
Description:Air Conveyor System is to transport empty plastic bottle from blow molding machine to filling machine.

Conveying Speed about 2.5-6m/s
Conveyor Pressure 600-1300Pa
Max Single Bottle Weight 60g
Single Air Blower Power 2.2KW
Air Blower Voltage 380V
Air Blower Rotation 2900V/min

Air Blower Distance


Rated Airflow


Air Consumption less than 0.5m3/hour
Air Pressure 0.6-1Mpa
Average Energy Consumption of Air-duct 250W/m

1. The PET empty bottle air conveying system uses the wind energy of the fan as the conveying power, and is equipped with a bottle conveying air duct that stores the wind, so that the empty bottles produced by the blow molding machine can be directly conveyed to the filling machine or labeling machine for processing. Filling or labelling.
2. The main structural parts of the air duct are made of 304 stainless steel, which can resist the corrosion of various weak acids and alkalis. The air duct card bottle strip is made of ultra-high molecular polyethylene material, which has low friction resistance and high wear resistance, which can guarantee a long time. service life.
3. The electrical system of the whole line is controlled by PLC, man-machine interface, frequency converter and photoelectric sensor.
4. It can reduce the secondary pollution of empty bottles, save packaging costs and save labor costs. The system has the characteristics of energy saving, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple control, easy adjustment, and easy cleaning.
5. The PET empty bottle air conveyor system is composed of a fan power device, a straight air duct, a turning air duct, an up and down air duct, a dividing and converging device, a bottle dropping device and a bottle clamping device.
We will design whole factory layout drawing for whole production line from blow molding machine, air conveyor, filling machine, labeling machine, packing machine, palletizer, stretch wrapper machine, etc.