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Gripper Elevator Conveyor

Category: Conveying System
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Description:Our gripper elevator conveyor is to transport glass bottle, plastic bottle, can up and down

Transfer Direction
Up, Down
Conveying Product
Glass Bottle, Plastic Bottle, Can
Product Size
Max. Dia. 300mm
Product Weight
Max. 2kg
10pieces/min 12pieces/min its up to detailed design
Conveying Height
less than 10m  can be customize
Machine Size


1.It is used for glass bottle, plastic bottle, can or other product elevation or lowering between floors,and can be set at the entrance or exit of production equipments to form a producing circle. It is suit for transporting bottles, cans, plastic,boxes, paper,boxes or cartons.
2.Center rack is made up of  aluminum. conveyor chain is composed of special chain plate and sanitary rubber mats. it can ensure glass bottle breakage rate and meet health standard.
3. Driving Parts: tray will be installed at drive chain. Motor will choose omate brand.  Overload protection is composed by electrical overload protection and mechanical process protection.



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