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Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Machine

Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Machine

Category: Conveying System
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High temperature sterilization process
Juice or tea drink hot filling line
Bottle and cap sterilization
Easy to use
Description:Mainly for the products after filling and capping, the bottle inversion sterilizer can automatically turn the bottle upside down by 90°, sterilize the inner wall of the bottle cap through the material


Model DP-4
Production capacity
6000 bottles/hour (500ml polyester bottle)
Effective sterilization time of inverted bottle
28 to 30 seconds
Bottle turnover angle
90 degrees
Bottle spacing
Applicable bottle specifications
bottle diameter: Φ50-Φ95 mm bottle height: 150-340 mm
Total consumption
about 2.55 kW
Equipment net weight
1.1 tons
Sterilization and conveying dimensions
Overall dimensions of the whole machine

It is mainly used in sterilizing PET bottle mouth and inside surface of caps. In which haven’t been disinfected by thermal tea, Fruit juice which having been filled in PET bottle, bottle reversing guiding rod and bottle repositioning rod, Use its inner thermal medium to disinfect bottle mouth and caps without any other heat source. So it can save energy. The machine is fully made of SUS304 stainless steel, more convenient in operation.