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PET Bottle Slat Chain Conveyor Bottle Handling Conveyor

Category: Conveying System
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High speed water bottling line conveyor system
Matching lubrication system
Beverage production line
Water Production line
Description:Slat Chain Conveyor is widely used to transport bottle from filling to labeling machine to packing machine for food industry, beverage industry, chemical and medical industry, etc

Motor SEW
Bend Guide Green ultra-high molecular polyethylene
Supporting Legs 304 stainless steel stamping pats
Wire Casing Stainless steel
Transducer France Schneider
PLC Japan Mitsubishi
Bearing 304 stainless steel shell, NSK bearings
Electric Cabinet Independent electrical cabinets, carbon coating

Main Description

The conveyor line is a bridge connecting various production equipment, which directly affects the operation efficiency of the production line. In the configuration of the conveyor line, it must be considered that when the equipment in the rear section is temporarily shut down (for example, changing labels, etc.), the operation of the equipment in the front section must not be affected. The production line achieves high operating efficiency. The mechanical structure of the system is a new design, and most components are formed by stamping or bending, which has the advantages of good rigidity, light weight and good interchangeability. Reliable operation and convenient maintenance. The electrical control system adopts PLC to control the operation of the entire solid bottle conveying and buffering system, and automatically realizes the functions of running speed acceleration and automatic buffering.


1.Bottle-conveying chain is 82.5mm stainless steel flat chain, sprocket main drive shaft&driven shaft adopt self-aligning bearing design, sprocket use nylon material

2.Conveyor chain side plate use thickness 2.5mm 304 stainless steel plate, height 180mm
3.Different parts of conveyor belt turning radius are according to detailed drawing.
4.Chain plate gear space should not exceed 85mm, the single channel chain plate side plate wide is 116mm
5.Centralized drain line adopt DN50 stainless steel, thickness is more than drain mouth use SUS 304 to connect ground
6.Mechanical transmission parts need to add protective cover and paste eye-catching safety warning marks

7.All stainless steel weld need to process or polish after welding, till smooth and remove black spot