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Glove box production line

This designed solution includes glove box conveying, glove box turning and conveying, box pushing mechanism and grasping platform, automatic box unpacking, box conveying, automatic frame support, robot boxing, automatic box sealing, and other automated systems. The system can improve the on-site operating environment. The effect of improving production efficiency and meeting customer requirements for production technology and packaging.

Process description: This automatic packaging system can realize the functions of glove box conveying, glove box turning conveyor line, box pushing mechanism and residential platform, automatic box opening, box conveying, automatic frame support, robot box packing, automatic box sealing, etc. . During production, the product flows from the cartoning machine into the box conveyor line, and after passing through the box turning conveyor line, it turns from the lying position to the upright boxing position. The box pushing mechanism pushes the box onto the grabbing platform, and the robot grabs the platform from 4 locations. Grasp the product; the carton unpacking machine automatically unpacks the box and forms it, and is transported by the box conveyor line to the packing area. The robot grabs the product from the grab conveyor line and puts it into the carton, and then sends it to the sealing machine for automatic sealing. , After sealing, the carton continues to be transported to the next station.

And this production line, some customers will use bag labeling machine to apply label on bag for glove

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