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Robotic palletizer machine for dog food bags

Our Costa Rica customer need a robotic palletizer machine and labeling machine for dog food bags. their bags are woven, weight 30kg. they pallets measure 140x150x12cm and are 5 bags per bed and 6-9 beds, for a total of 30-45 bags per pallet. they need to pack around 2 bags per minute (4 pallets per hour at least).

they also need a semi-automatic packing machines  for 30kg woven bags with stitch closer and also another semi-automatic packing machine with double scale weight cells for 1-3kg plastic PE bags with heat sealer.

According to customer requirements, we recommend Robot ABB IRB660-180KG

Following are specification:
4-axis Industrial RobotMechanics
Rated Payload:180Kg
Max reach:3100mm
AC servo drive units for 4 degrees
brakes in all 4 axes
in compact and space-saving design
absolute position sensing
7m connecting cable between robot mechanics and ABB robot controller

ABB Robot Controller
Simple to plan, operate and maintain
Continuation of service-proven PC-based control technologies
Quick and easy operation thanks to continued use of familiar operator control concepts
Safety, Robot, Logic and MotionControl in a single control system
Innovative software functions for optimized energy efficiency
Designed for 200 – 600 VAC without transformer
Interface :USB3、Gb EtherNet、DVI-I
Fast communication via Gigabit Ethernet
Maintenance-free cooling without filter mats
Protection rating IP67
Operation temperature +0℃to +50℃
Highest performance in the smallest possible space

ABB SmartPad
6.5” context-sensitive floating windows
Separate jog keys for direct control of all axes
Efficient programming with 6D mouse
High screen resolution and generously-sized antireflection display
Direct saving and loading of configurations via USB port

Robot base and safety fence
The material is made of carbon steel welded processing with painting and installed safety sensor and alarm.

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