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South Korean Customer Ordered Plastic Bag Labeling Machine

Our customer company is sales and service support company of machinery for printing and packaging field, they are looking for bag labeling machine, but customer's products are not plastic bag but paper with 200gsm, Paper size 310×115mm,Label(transparent label) 70×110mm, and they require accuracy +- 1mm, and they can send us testing sample papers, we recommend our BGJ-F300 bag labeler machine to Mr APOD and test their paper in our labeling machine, he said looks good we'd like to see the noise reducing with muffler, and they want replace casters for our label applicator machine by this type, and at same time, he confirmed order and send us 100% full payment

Following is bank slip

Following is finished paper labeling machine picture

Following is testing labeling video for your reference

This Doy pouch and bag paper labelling solutions, including flat bag paper feed and labelling systems, bag or paper collecting system. it is special for the labeling application on flat and thin products, features a special vacuum conveyor retaining products as they are labelled with high precision; it is suitable for labelling flat cartons, cards, envelopes, sachets, Doypack pouches, coupons, cardboard, price tag, bag, brochures, etc.

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