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USA customer order bag labeling machine

Our customer Eric inquiry about one bag labeling machine: Our bag size is 7.5” x 5”. We currently use 2 labels that are ¾” x 2” but are considering moving to a single label that is 1.5” x 2”. Do you have a contractor or representative in the US that could help us if there are issues with installation or application?  We recommend our BGJ-F300 bag labeling machine to Eric, he ask u : I know we have a large variety of bag sizes and if not possible, we’d like to be able to adjust to fit as many sizes as possible. Would it be possible to adjust the machine for the below bag sizes?

Original (7.5” x 5”)

4” x 6”

8” x 10”

6” x 12”

8” x 24”

We did have a few questions after seeing this quotation.
We plan to use plastic labels with this machine, will that be a problem?
It looks like we can only place 1 dozen bags on the machine at a time, is that correct? What limits that?
Do we need to purchase our own label core or does that machine come with one that we can wind?
When it says the distance of both labels is 3 mm, does that mean the distance between the labels on the roll/core is 3 mm?

We confirmed all questions from Eric, around one week, we got deposit from USA.

Thanks for Eric support. once machine finished, we will show picture

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