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United Kingdom customer order one set of automatic labeling machine for stand up coffee pouch

Our united Kingdom customer Jon is looking for an automatic labelling machine for stand up coffee pouches. They are 190mm wide x 260mm high with ziplock and plastic coffee valve, label is 102mm wide by 76mm. They also want an automatic feeder, too. We recommend our BGJ-F300 Automatic plastic bag labeling machine for Jon. Then Jon reply me: I have two more questions. If we place an order, when will this be ready to ship? And, can you give me the collection address so I can get a door-to-door shipping quote for comparison?The other question is price. We are looking at two other machines that do the same job with higher quality parts and automatic feeder. Your price is the highest so can you give me a better price? If not, we will probably have to buy one of the other machines.  Then our manager give discount, customer said he have made decision and said The other machine costs less but we prefer your communication and place our order now. We will have it collected and shipped as soon as possible. One day passed, we also get bank slip from customer. Thanks for your believe!

Here is customer bag and roll label

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