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Zipper pouch labeler machine for Finland Customer

Our Finland customer ordered pouch labeler machine for their zipper bags sticker labeling, they have 3 different size bags, which owns size W 160mm x H 230mm, W 189mm x H 262mm and W 232mm x H 342mm, and according to the largest size, labeler machine needs to be customized

Our pouch labeler machine includes automatic pouches bag separating, labeling and bag collecting functions, and considering these pouch contains zipper for the sealing, then we need to horizontal paging them in case to damage the zippers, in this condition, the conveyor needs to be made bigger than 342mm for pouches smoothing going.

And the largest label size is W 170mm x H 205mm, to be coordinate with horizontal paging pouch, our labeling head also requires to be enlarged accordingly

here bag sample pictures for reference

Here is zipper pouch bag labeler machine picture

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