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5 Gallon Barrel Palletizing System

5 Gallon Barrel Palletizing System

Product Item: MD-400
Category: Palletizer&Depalletizer Machine
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Description:5 Gallon Barrel Palletizing System stacks the 5-20L bottles on the pallet as required, then transfer whole pallet of product out automatically.

Model MD-400
Stacking Speed

600barrel/hour, 1200barrel/hour

Stacking height per pallet 2000mm can customize
Max. Load per layer 150kg
Max. Load per pallet 1500kg
Electric power 8-20KW
Compressed Air 500L/min
Air supply pressure more than 0.6Mpa
Pallet Size its up to customer


1. 5 Gallon Barrel Palletizing System adopts PLC and touch screen to control the complete system

2. easy operation and quick changeover time.

3. All control device will be installed outside the guard fence

4. Whole stacker system include:empty pallet feeding device, pallet roller conveyor, security fence, full pallet outfeeding device, speed up conveyors, etc.



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