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Automatic high speed empty can palletizer

Automatic high speed empty can palletizer

Product Item: HD-40
Category: Palletizer&Depalletizer Machine
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Automatic pallet feeding
Automatic sorting device
Empty pallets storage
PLC programmable controller,
Description:Empty cans are grouped and fed into a palletizer that stacks cans into layers





Sensor SICK
Drive Motor SEW
Speed 3-4layer/min
Install Power 15KW
Air Pressure 7Bar


1.The products are sent to the single-row canning removal mechanism through the conveyor line to ensure that the cans are transported to the cans sorting platform, and then the cans are arranged and placed on the pallet on the lifting platform in an orderly manner through the permanent magnet fixture. After each layer is finished, a partition is sucked from the partition lifting table and placed on it. After the stack is completed, the partition clamp will load the top plate to complete the output.

2. This High speed empty can palletizer is full automatic, it can be used for metal empty cans and empty bottles, its max speed is 1200 cans per minute.

3. China factory specializing in the production of  Automatic high speed empty can palletizer 

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