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Fully Automatic Robot Palletization System

Product Item: MD-R40
Category: Palletizer&Depalletizer Machine
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Increase accuracy of pallet loads
High reliability and efficiency
Simplistic design
Accurate stacking
Description:Automatic Robot Palletization system is suitable to carton product stacker, bag product stacker, can product stacker, box product stacker,etc

Model MD-R40
Speed 15-20case/min
Production Efficiency 99%
Work Weight 110KG
Power Consumption 3.2KW
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa
Voltage 380V 50HZ
Air Consumption 1m3/hour
Working Pressure 0.5Mpa
Robot Brand ABB, or other famous brand
Pallet Size 1200*1100mm, 1100*1100mm, its up to customer


1. It consist of empty pallet feeding device, pallet roller conveyor, security fence, full pallet out-feeding device, interlayer pad feeding device, robot, etc.

2. Robot palletizer is more easier to make maintenance and operate.

3. It help customer save human resources and more efficiency

4. It can combine with pallet stretch wrapper machine, shrink wrapper machine, case packer, wrap around case packer as production line.