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Basket Loading Unloading Machine for Retort System

Product Item: XD-40
Category: Palletizer&Depalletizer Machine
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Load and unload steel,aluminum,glass and PET containers
Handle various container sizes
Automatic baskets transfer
Automatic layer-pads picking
Description:Basket Loading Unloading Machine for Retort System is a security to achieve high efficiency working continuously after sterilization system.



Transducer Schneider
Sensor SICK
Drive Motor SEW
Speed 3-4layer/min
Install Power 15KW
Air Pressure 7Bar


1.Basket Loader System Function: first people put empty basket to loading position for loader machine, hydraulic elevator platform raise basket baseboard up to loading conveyor height. people will pick up one piece clapboard to basket baseboard.  Conveyor will convey product to loading conveyor, it will divide product layer by layer through bottle pressing device, transfer mechanism will clamp whole layer product to basket clapboard, hydraulic electric platform will come down to next layer height, do same function cycle until to finish whole basket product. This system is controller by PLC, it will improve production efficiency.

2. Basket Unloader System Function:first people will get full basket product to unloading position, hydraulic elevator platform raise one layer product, transfer mechanism will clamp one layer product to unloading conveyor, people will pick up clapboard to collecting platform, hydraulic elevator platform come down to next layer height, do same function cycle until to finish whole basket product, unloading conveyor will conveyor product to bottle conveyor to do second packing.

3. Basket Loader&Unloader System is suitable to glass bottle , can, etc.

Machine Drawing