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Automatic Gantry Robot for Bag Palletizing Machine System Manufacturer

Product Item: MD-L40
Category: Palletizer&Depalletizer Machine
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Price: USD30000-USD50000
2 Years Guarantee
1 years Free Spare Part
Maintain high accuracy
Description:Automatic Gantry Palletizing machine is to load packed product onto a pallet and stack to form a handling and loading unit

Model MD-L40
Stacking Speed 4-5 cycles/min
Stacking height per pallet box height*layers/pallet
Max. Load per layer 150kg
Max. Load per pallet 1500kg
Max. stacking height 1800mm
Electric power 15.3KW
Compressed Air 600L/min
Air supply pressure less than 0.6Mpa
Pallet Size its up to customer


1. Wrap around case packer or shrink wrapper machine, and pallet stretch wrapper machine can be option to connect one production  line

2. PLC, touch screen operation make palletizer easier to handle , also save labor cost

3. All control device will be installed outside the guard fence

4. Whole stacker system include:empty pallet feeding device, pallet roller conveyor, security fence, full pallet out-feeding device, speed up conveyors, etc.