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A4 paper ream carton packing machine

The A4 paper packing line is an automatic production line composed of single-row conveying, arrangement mechanism, arranged product conveying, button storage and feeding mechanism, drop-type packing machine, storage and feeding mechanism, upper cover sealing machine, downhill conveying, box steering conveying, baling machine, output conveying and other units

Process description:

(1)A4 paper products from the upstream equipment to the production line, in the state of flat; → (2)every 5 push, push to the organization of the stack, each stack a layer down, a total of 5 stack, 5 layers at the same time; →(3) push 5 stacks and 5 packages of A4 products to the delivery line after arrangement; → (4)in the process of conveying 5 stacks of products to open the distance; →(5) the bottom supporting board is separated from the silo and transported to the packing station; →(6) at the same time, a separate pile of products is also transported to the packing station; →(7)complete the packing through the drop; →(8)being separate from the bunker on the cover to the sealing station; →(9) 'levies on &sealing machine will cover seal; - sealed→(10)carton after the downhill to the steering transmission line; →(11) steering products after a baling press for strapping tape;→(12) finally by the transmission of output;

Some customers will add A4 paper labeling machine as option for whole production line

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