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Germany customer order face mask labeling machine

Our customer from Germany who bought mask production line from China. they need us to provide one set of labeling machine for one piece bag face mask. Face mask bags size 195*80 and for Sticker, they do not have sticker size yet as they are waiting the labelling machine in order to know what machine can accept. Please confirm the menu and maximum sticker size which is acceptable for our labeling machine unit to decide. According to customer requirement, we recommend BGJ-P220 flat labeling machine for face mask. we need to connect with customer pillow packing machine, customer provide height to us, then we do labeling machine according to customer height. Only two days discussion, stephane said thanks for your quote, we agree with it, pls send proforma invoice for the 50%, voltage 220V/50HZ.

Thanks for your customer fast order confirmation and believe. now machine already deliveried to customer factory.

here is testing video in youtube

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